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 Message from Vicar ....


The Mar Thoma Parish, Sharjah completed one more year in Its ministry of witness and mission. Last one year we focused on the theme 'PARISH AS A HEALING COMMUNITY'. This was a pioneer effort on the part of parish for an innovative effort to explore a theme for a whole year for meditation and prayer. This main theme was subdivided into 12 subthemes and each month, one of the themes was made as its focus for prayer and fellowship. The parishioners from all age groups participated in the mission to elucidate the theme by contributing their articles. The compiled form of those articles was published in the form of a book, which is a feather in the cap of the church.

This month we meditate on the subtheme:-'Healing Through Proper Relationships.' This includes the eternal relationship with God the Father and the external relationship with our fellowmen. Proper inter personal relationships requirehumility and broadmindedness to accept the differences and respect one another. Now a days people are interested in making relation­ships with persons who can contribute resources for material benefits. Such relationship can be turned as personal motives relationship. Another type of relationship is just for enjoyments, where all the chances are made to seek personal pleasure irrespective of situations and types of persons they mingle with. This is called pleasure seeking relationship. Yet another type of relationship is not for personal gratification. But their interest for relationship is based on their willingness and selflessness in being with other persons. This is named as encouraging relation­ship. The first type of relationship is the product of selfishness whereas the third one is the product of commitment and deep relationship with God. Beloved parishioners of the Sharjah Marthoma family, we need healthy, mutually nurturing relationships. I take this opportunity to thank all the members who support and nurture the parish's life.

During the great lent we got the opportunity to praise God almighty every day through special worship. During the Passion Week our diocesan Bishop Rt. Rev. Dr. Thomas Mar Theethos Episcopa lirumeni'spresence and enthusiastic leadership was a blessing. Last 3 years Rev. Roby Jacob Mathew had served as the youth chaplain. We gratefully cherish his committed and sincere leadership offered for our future generation of the parish. It is essential to remember the valuable service rendered by the office bearers for the smooth functioning of the church.

The current year is a milestone in the growth of the Sharjah Marthoma parish. It is celebrating the 40thyear. Hence our dear ones it is time to meditate LIVING WATER IN ARID LAND. During their Canaan journey, our elder brothers and sisters reached this wilderness with great hope and passion. But their life situations were entirely different from that of the present day parishioners.Even in the teeth of adverse living situations and setbacks, they searched for a community who can grow and worship together and glorify God. Thus they formed a fellowship and flowered in this desert. Small clusters of this form united and later enlarged to become a parish as it is ofnow. The pain and sweat of our elders has made our church what it is today. Let us thankthe Lord for His amazing grace for keeping us for the last forty years under the shadow of the Almighty. This is also a time for evaluation, correction and rededication for our mission and witnessing Christ.

With prayerful regards

John Philip achen (Vicar)


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