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MTC Church Sharjah

Swapna David

Church ID : M 74 Date Added: 01-08-2017

My parents are the members here & currently my daughter is studying in this Sunday School. Just wanted to know if we have any magazine for SS where kids can show case their talents in drawing, writing etc. this will be an encouragement for the budding artists

MTC Church Sharjah

Vinu Mathew

Church ID : V103 Date Added: 03-09-2016

Good one. Hat's off to Webmaster. Many datas to be updated.

MTC Church Sharjah

Mathew Thomas

Church ID : M221 Date Added: 30-07-2015

fifth Friday ordinary service or holy communion service? please update in the web.

MTC Church Sharjah


Church ID : R148 Date Added: 02-01-2014

This website seems great and it is well informed about the church activities. Keep up the good work. There has to be one small change to done in this website. The date mentioned should be enlarged to a size of 13. It will be much better if you could add the dates of worship which is set for every month.

MTC Church Sharjah


Church ID : S198 Date Added: 01-12-2013


MTC Church Sharjah


Church ID : R7 Date Added: 21-06-2013

Very good job Mr. Aji john Thomas . May God bless you

MTC Church Sharjah


Church ID : M112 Date Added: 11-08-2012

Ebn Ezer. You are liberal in finding spare time for this mission too. Great! Human evaluation/comments are limited to my language skill. May Almighty empower you with more talents/capabilities. God bless you and family.

MTC Church Sharjah


Church ID : I18 Date Added: 09-07-2012

Job vacancies are there always in our company and also it will be there in most of the companies. So please provide an option to advertise in this web site. It will be very helpful for job seekers.

MTC Church Sharjah

MM. Mathai

Church ID : M163 Date Added: 12-06-2012

Every thing is ok . Its realy gods grace.....god bless us.......

MTC Church Sharjah

m m mathai

Church ID : m163 Date Added: 01-02-2012

very nice.lokamengum marthoma makkal yesuvinte nalla makkal aakatte enna prarthanayode....god bless us...........

MTC Church Sharjah

binoy thomas

Church ID : b133 Date Added: 30-07-2011

Mar thoma born in village . Members added to thousands . Spread to world. More people celebrate their birthday in every day. But yesterday, it was historical moment of marthoma sabha. Y not added our vicars birthday photo?

MTC Church Sharjah

sanil Abraham

Church ID : s142 Date Added: 26-04-2011


MTC Church Sharjah

Lijo k Abraham

Church ID : L36 Date Added: 22-04-2011

Hai. its really a great words to explain how marvelously you people did it.I have a suggestion. if u make a provision for the various payments to the parish through the website it will be more helpful.

MTC Church Sharjah


Church ID : S304 Date Added: 10-04-2011

"Marthoma" is not one word. It should be "Mar Thoma". This is a common mistake almost every one makes. Please change the pages accordingly.

MTC Church Sharjah

nisha santhosh

Church ID : s198 Date Added: 07-03-2011

please update the sunday school page in the site. still it's showing sunday school is starting at 10.15. please take out the programme schedule 2010 and updaye with new one.

MTC Church Sharjah

alex varghese

Church ID : A244 Date Added: 16-02-2011

Does anybody have achen mc samuels convention speech which he had conducted in mt j/ali parish some 5,6 yrs back i had audio cassette of the convention but i lost it does anybody have the mp3,mp4,cd or dvd version of achen convention speech i can copy and give it you as soon as possible thanks my contact no : 055 9485439

MTC Church Sharjah

Biju Varghese

Church ID : B68 Date Added: 14-11-2010

Excellant job Aji! Professionaly designed ! Very useful for checking our members & oters. You are doing great service to the church. God Bless you!

MTC Church Sharjah

Joseph Joju

Church ID : s327 Date Added: 11-11-2010

It was so nice and good. GOD BLESS

MTC Church Sharjah

Manoj Abraham

Church ID : M197 Date Added: 06-11-2010

Really an excellent work. It gives all information for a member as well as outsiders. Good work!!! May God Almighty bless all those who work for our church.

MTC Church Sharjah

Joseph John

Church ID : J333 Date Added: 19-10-2010

Appreciate the hard work behind in building this website. Still something is missing. Eg. Contact No./Email ID of members. Jesus bless u all.

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