Senior Citizons Forum


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President : Rev. Siby T. Mathews
Vice President : Rev. Joby Thomas Samuel
Vice President : Mr. George Thomas G52 050-6561876
Secretary : Mr. Raju Samuel   R66   050-4545250
Treasurer : Mr. John Mathew   J28   050-6265926
Tentative programme chart for senior citizens forum meeting sharjah mar thoma church : 2016 -2017.

As usual 3rd saturday monthly meetings at 8 pm to 9.30 pm at church. To start registration of senior citizens charging AED.10.00 as registration fee. This will create a base for the finance.

Have love feast on the 3rd Saturday monthly meeting, for those who are attending to ascertain attendance of more member’s involvement . This will give more interaction between the members and other family members.

Formation of a committee to enable more reaching out to the eligible senior citizens and to enable more effective working.

To start house visit of all the senior citizen’s houses. This will lead to a well knit society, having a lot of personal touch.

To start house visits of those who are ailing, sick and those who are not in a position to attend the meetings due to age related ailments. This will help them to think of our concern for their well being.

Start charity activities. Charity to help construct homes for the homless, medical assistance to those who are critically ill, helping old age homes.this will give real satisfaction and will be able to relieve lot of our tensions.

Visiting old age homes whenever we are in kerala to extend moral support or financial supports. Society anticipates something back from the seniors and this is our duty also.

Arrange regular dhyana yogam, atleast two in a year, with renowned personalities, who are visiting uae. This will empower us more.

Regular family over night get together, atleast quartely once, outside the church, like desert camps etc. This will lead to an atmosphere of wholeness.

Arrange one foreign trip once in a year for minimum 7 days with full family, which will empower the families.

Open bank account as we are having for other organizations. This will improve the financial position, enabling to carry out the projects we are planning.

Arranging talent search and talent night, to give and entertainment touch.

Uae central level participation along with other parish organisations, which will expand the contact level and get more ideas for improvement.