Sevika Sangham



Every Wednesdays 08.30pm at Parish Hall

For More Details Contact:
Sevika Sangham Secretary:
Mrs. Kavitha Biju B105 050-1738616
Sevika Sangham Vice President:
Mrs. Annamma Cherian C11 055-3557077


President : Rev. Mathew Abraham
Vice President : Rev. Renjith Oomen John
Vice President : Mrs. Annamma Cherian C11 055-3557077
Secretary : Mrs. Kavitha Biju   B105   050-1738616
Jt. Secretary : Mrs. Sosamma Eapen J45 050-1354246
Accountant : Mrs. Vincy Manoj M75 050-3844101
K. Samithi Rep. : Mrs. Mary Mathew M210 055-7214733
The Sevika Sanghom activities started in 1978 when the Sharjah Marthoma Parish was formed on the authorization of Most. Rev. Dr. Alexander Marthoma Metropolitan, Head of the Marthoma Syrian Christian Church of Malabar. After its formation on 10 th September 1978 the Sevika Sangham has completed 28 years. Every Sanghom meetings we have Bible study classes, intercessory prayer and devotional talks under the guidance of the Parish Vicars. On special occasions meetings are also held at the residence of the members. The members also visit those who are sick or facing any other difficulties and conduct prayers and offer encouragement. Occasionally, cooking classes, medical discussions and arts & crafts presentations are arranged. Since 2005, the Sanghom has been conducting fasting prayers every third Sunday of the month from 9.30 to 12 noon

Sevika Sanghom Day

Sevika Sanghom Day is celebrated on the second Thursday of September each year. The office bearers of the Sevika Sangham lead the worship service on this day and the Order of Worship prepared by the Central Sevika Sanghom is followed.


Whenever the Diocesan or the Bishop of the church visits the Parish, they invariably attend the Sanghom meetings and deliver Scriptural messages. Similarly, visiting Achens and Evangelists also attend these meetings and address the members.

UAE Centre Sevika Sanghom

The Parish Sevika Sanghom takes active part in the activities of the UAE Centre Sevika Sangham, which was formed in 1988. In the meetings of the Centre, the activities arranged include songs, Bible reading, Intercessory prayers, devotional talks and debates. Picnics are also held. The Centre has conducted Arts festivals in a few years wherein the Parish Sevika Sanghom participated and won trophies. In 2005-06 the Parish Sevika Sanghom won the trophy for the First Prize in Bible Quiz Competition.

The Parish Sevika Sanghom also participates energetically in the charitable activities of the Centre. The Centre also conducts Auction-cum-Sale in which the Sanghom participates actively. The Parish Sevika Sanghom contributed Rs. 25000 to the Vanitha Bodhini Endowment Fund and also supports the financial aid given by the Centre to Sihora Ashram and Shalom Bhavan.


Farewell function is held for every Vicar and family on their transfer to Kerala after completion of their service. Similarly, farewell is also given to active members of the Sanghom when they return to Kerala on permanent transfer of residence.

One – Day Conference

Since 2001-02, the Sanghom has been conducting these conferences regularly each year. Each conference was conducted with a specific theme.


The Sanghom organized the first Picnic during 2005-06 with a visit to Mamzar Park and Ibn Batuta Mall. This was an enjoyable experience.


From the very beginning the Parish Sevika Sanghom has been in the forefront of supporting Welfare activities. Funds are raised through Auction-cum-Sale, Food Sale, Canteen, Gold collection, Tin collection & Soujanyadanam, publishing Calendar, Blood Donation, etc. During X'Mas season funds were collected through Cake Sale and Musical programs. Special contributions are solicited during Annual Sanghom Day. Significant contributions for welfare work were collected up to the year 2005-06.

Financial Helps

-Various Church Building Projects.
-Yearly contribution to Shalom Welfare Fund
- Palghat Christudas Ashram Building Fund,
-Halfway Home Building Fund in Ranni Nillakel Diocese
- Snehatheeram Half Way Home Building construction for women.
-Nursery Teacher's Training School from Thirvalla
-Sponsoring students of Perumbavoor Balika Bhavan from 1982
-Sponsored 2 students of Kasargode Deaf & Dumb School.
-Marriage Aid for poor girls in Chengannoor-Thumpamon Diocese in 1997
-Provided 50 Bathrooms for poor families in the Ranni-Nilakel Diocese
-Marriage Aid for poor girls in Ranni-Nilakel Diocese
-Providing Marriage Aid, Housing & Employment to the Diocesan-Sevika Sangham to help the needed families.

-Sponsored 28 students of Deepam Balika Bhavan.

-Sponsorship of Children-Vanitha Mandiram.

-In 1997, when the church was constructed, the Sanghom had donated for the Benches in the church. It also donated for the Parsonage Furnishing when the new Parsonage was constructed.

-The Sanghom has donated in the Tsunami Relief works that affected Kerala in December 2004.

-Every year an amount is sent to Centre Office in India collected through Tin-Collection, Soujanyadanam, yearly contribution, etc.

In this way, the Parish Sevika Sanghom has been regularly supporting and contributing to the Marriage Aid, Education Aid, Medical Aid, Gospel work, Employment opportunities, Housing Facilities, etc for the past several years and even now. It has also supported the needs of the Parish and other organization in the Parish from time to time.

Silver Jubilee Celebrations

The Silver Jubilee celebration was inaugurated by Rt. Rev. Gee Varghese Mar Athanasius Episcopa on December 31, 2002 . On June 27 2003 a One-Day Couples Conference was conducted under the leadership of His Grace The Most Rev. Dr. Philipose Mar Chrysostum Marthoma Metropolitan. Mementos were given to honor the members who worked during 1978 and all the office bearers since then. The Sanghom published Vanitha Bodhini, in February 2004, as a special edition to commemorate the Silver Jubilee. As a part of Silver Jubilee celebrations, the Sanghom donated Ten Lakh Rupees towards Hostel construction of the Deepam Balika Bhavan in Mekkozhoor.