Parish Mission



Every Sundays at 8.30pm at Church except 1st Sunday

For More Details Contact:

Parish Mission Secretary:
Mr. Binu Easo Samuel - B25 - 050-4792155
Parish Mission Vice President:
Mr. George Thomas - G62 - 052-9088710


President : Rev. Mathew Abraham
Vice President : Rev. Renjith Oomen John
Vice President : Mr. George Thomas G62 052-9088710
Secretary : Mr. Binu Easo Samuel B25 050-4792155
s Jt. Secretary : Mr. Joy Thankachen J323 055-2232866
Treasurer : Mr. Mammen Thomas M216 050-6744708
K. Samithi Rep. : Mr. Mammen Thomas M216 050-6744708
Parish Mission is a unit of Marthoma Voluntary Evangelists Association based in every parish of the Church. The 17th Marthoma, Abraham Marthoma exhorted "every Marthomaite is a voluntary evangelist" and established Marthoma voluntary evangelist association in 1924.

Parish Mission started functioning in Sharjah Parish since its inception in 1978. While every member is its member, it has registered active members as well.

The Parish Mission Structure

President - Vicar of the Parish
Vice President - 1. Associate Vicar of the Parish
2. A layman of the Parish
Secretary - A layman of the Parish
Joint Secretary - A layman of the Parish
Treasurer - A layman of the Parish
Auditor - A layman of the Parish


Its functions are based on 7 activities of the Marthoma voluntary evangelist's association such as, Intercessory Prayer, Bible Study, Witnessing and Sharing, House Visits, Charity Projects, Prayer meetings and Gospel work among non Christians. Prayer meetings are conducted regularly on 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th Sundays of every month, whild house visits are undertaken on every 1st Wednesday. Gospel communication tour and camp are also its notable activities.